Domestic Violence

Eden Solicitors are very experienced in dealing with family cases involving domestic violence. If you are in a violent relationship it is important to know that you are not alone.

If you are the victim of domestic violence we can help you to obtain what is known an injunction. This is an order of the Family Court which forbids violence, threats of violence and harassment. Eden Solicitors have a great deal of experience in obtaining injunctions.

This type of Injunction can be obtained against “related persons” which often means other family members, e.g. partners or ex-partners, parents, children, brothers, sisters etc.

We understand that cases concerning domestic violence must be dealt with promptly. We, therefore, guarantee that if you contact us with a case that concerns domestic violence we will give you an appointment within 24 hours, usually the same day you telephone.

In many cases we have seen clients in the morning and by early afternoon; the injunction has been obtained providing the client with protection once it has been served on the person causing the problem.

It is always preferable for any resolution of the finances to be dealt with amicably and by agreement, and that there is an as little conflict as possible, not the least because any ongoing conflict between the parties will lead to an escalation of legal costs. In many circumstances, an agreement can be reached between the parties, or with the help of an experienced Solicitor, or with the help of ‘Mediation’, a procedure designed to facilitate a favourable outcome by negotiation.

We will do our utmost to ensure that the financial remedy is determined without conflict to the benefit of the family as a whole but if an amicable agreement cannot be reached then we are experienced in dealing with Court proceedings to determine the split of assets between the parties.

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