Individuals Investor Visas – Tier 1

Stage 1 is to show the UK authorities that you have the funds available for transfer to the UK. The minimum amount that is needed to be shown is 1 million pounds; this can be abroad in a foreign currency or in a current portfolio. It can also be in the United Kingdom in cash or can even be shown as a previous qualifying investment.

The basic amount needed to even be considered for this type of visa is a minimum of one million pounds (GBP). This isn’t a measure of total wealth – this is the minimum that must actually be invested into the economy in order to just qualify for application.

These funds must be 100% under your control and cannot be from an investment fund or leveraged from other sources. They have been occasions when we have heard of other investor visa lawyers confirming that leveraged funds are permitted. This is not the case and borrowed funds should be avoided.

Funds that are held in an off-shore account are also not allowed- although it must be said that the UKBA has not defined off shore in a detailed manner. The funds must be held in a regulated bank account – as the money not only needs to be invested in the United Kingdom but it also needs to be available from a held source in the UK. We can advise on all these matters.

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