Fees For Motoring Offences

Appeals in Motoring Offences

Appeals are charged at an hourly rate of £275 plus VAT unless the circumstances allow us to provide a fixed fee estimation.

Additional Costs

If you appoint us to represent you for a Summary Only Motoring Offence on an Agreed Fixed Fee, the fixed fee package may also include representation at one Magistrates’ Court Hearing. If your case is not concluded within the First Hearing, due to the case being adjourned by the Court, or not concluded for any other reason, a further fixed fee will be charged for any further representation at further hearing/s.
The additional fixed fee will be charged having regard to various factors such as the severity of offence, the location of the Court and the timing of the hearing. You will be notified of this at the outset and most probably during the initial consultation.

Representation at a Sentencing Hearing

If a court attendance becomes vital and you are summoned to attend court to plead guilty, our fee will be £1200 plus VAT for a single hearing detailed on a court summons. The fee includes advising, preparation and representation at court including briefing to a barrister if necessary. However, the fee does not include any of the below (which is charged at an additional cost):
• Instructions to engage expert witnesses.
• Preparing witness statements for the witnesses in the case.
• Advice regarding an appeal.
• If the case is not concluded at the first hearing and a second hearing is required.

Please note any extra work (which does not come within the scope of the fixed fee indicated above) is charged at an hourly rate which is £190 plus VAT for this type of work unless a further fixed fee is agreeable.

Representation at a Trial

In case you decide to enter a not guilty plea to one or all charges against you, you will be required to attend a trial. Our fixed fee for representation at Trial ranges between £1500 – £2000 + VAT depending upon the experience and seniority of the advocate that we engage on your behalf.

Entering A Guilty Plea With Mitigation

If you were to enter a guilty plea on paper and without attending court, a fee of £300 Plus VAT is charged to assist you to prepare the most suitable plea in mitigation. This will invite the Court to consider possible factors and to reduce the penalty.
It is essential that you prepare and provide to the court a statement of means (your financial position) so the court has before them your financial position at the time of imposing financial penalties. Our specialists will provide expert guidance on filling out these financial means forms.
It is to be noted that our fee quoted above does not include representation at Court, preparing or submitting witness statements from witnesses, or engaging third-party experts on your behalf. If any of this is required, then a separate fee quotation will be advised and agreed upon before any of this extra work is undertaken on your behalf.

Initial Consultation

We offer an initial consultation at a fixed fee of £150+VAT. During the initial consultation, our specialist Solicitor will consider the charges that you are faced with an overall circumstances under which the alleged offence might have been committed. Our specialist lawyer will advise you regarding the plea that you should be entering upon the consideration of your explanation about the alleged offence. The advice will include the possible penalties and convictions which might be imposed in case you have been found guilty of the offence. Finally, the most applicable plea in mitigation will be discussed in order to reduce the severity of punishment.

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