Financial Remedy

Whilst the breakdown of a relationship is always charged with a high level of tension, there is a need for common sense and practical approach to be taken to ensure that the family assets are split equitably to allow the parties to start afresh and that proper provision is made for any children of the separating couple.

It is always preferable for any resolution of the finances to be dealt with amicably and by agreement, and that there is an as little conflict as possible, not the least because any ongoing conflict between the parties will lead to an escalation of legal costs. In many circumstances, an agreement can be reached between the parties, or with the help of an experienced Solicitor, or with the help of ‘Mediation’, a procedure designed to facilitate a favourable outcome by negotiation.

We will do our utmost to ensure that the financial remedy is determined without conflict to the benefit of the family as a whole but if an amicable agreement cannot be reached then we are experienced in dealing with Court proceedings to determine the split of assets between the parties.

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