Powers Of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney is the only way to ensure that the people you trust are in a position to deal with your property, affairs and personal welfare in circumstances where you are unable to do so.

You will want to ensure that those who love you can care effectively care for you. It is something which will hopefully never be needed but if it is, expensive and time-consuming court applications will be avoided and your attorneys can deal with your affairs and welfare immediately (subject to registration at the Office of Public Guardian).

We can help to ensure that the right people can easily:

Ensure your bills are paid;
Make sure your savings and investments continue working for you as you want;
Deal with all necessary transactions subject to any restrictions and conditions that you decide appropriate
Act in your best interests and ensure that your wishes regarding medical care are carried out.
Our department is experienced in dealing with issues involving care and support needed for elderly people and those with disabilities.
Whether you are worrying about your own situation or concerned about your close family, our team will help ensure that your wishes are respected and your mind put at ease.

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