Sales Transactions​

Sale – The fee charged for a sale transaction is usually £100 less than the guideline fees contained above for purchase matters.
Redemption of mortgage – £150.00 for single mortgage registered on property being sold. If more than one mortgage/charge is registered, then the afore-said fee will be multiplied by number of charges registered against the property.
Identity and AML check – as above in purchase.
Processing fee for Bank transfer/chaps – as above in purchase.

The most common Disbursements (Fees/charges payable to third parties) on Sale Transactions:-

Land Registry Official Copies: Usually between £9.00 – £30.00
Estate Agents’ fees Commission: As per invoice of the Estate Agents
Fees Payable to Management companies in case of a leasehold property managed by Management Company: As per their invoice.

If there are any further disbursements that are not mentioned above but do arise in a particular transaction, these will be notified in writing.

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