Innovator Founder Visa

Eligibility Requirements

This route is part of the new immigration plans of the United Kingdom to bring investors to the United Kingdom. No specific amount of funds is required to invest in the proposed business. It is to be established though that sufficient investment funds would be available to set up and grow your business. The following eligibility criteria applies to this route:
o You must be aged 18 years or over.

o You have an endorsement letter from an approved UK endorsing body confirming that you are a fit and proper person to receive endorsement under the route. That there are no concerns over the source of funds invested in your business. That you have a business plan and have made a significant contribution to the ideas in that business plan. That you will have a day to day role in carrying out the business plan. You are either the sole founder or an instrumental member of the founding team.

o Your endorsement letter should have been issued within 3 months of the date of your Innovator Visa Application.

o That you have passed your B2 English Language Test.

o You should have a Valid TB Test Certificate if you coming from one of the countries subject to TB test requirements.

o If you are outside the UK or have been in the UK for less than 12 months, you should have atleast £1270 to support yourself, and £285 for dependant partner, £315 for first child and £200 for each of the subsequent children included in your application.

Switching Into the Innovator Founder Visa Category

Applications for Innovator Founder visas can be made from outside the UK, but it is also possible to switch into the Innovator Founder visa category from within the UK provided you do not have, or were not last granted, permission as a Visitor, Short-term Student, Parent of a Child Student, Seasonal Worker, Domestic Worker in a Private Household or outside the Immigration Rules.

Innovator Founder Visa Application Fee

The current Home Office application fee for an Innovator Founder Visa is £1,036 if applying from outside the UK or £1,292 if applying to switch into the category from within the UK.
Innovator Founder Visa applicants also need to pay a £1,000 (ex. VAT) endorsement fee to the relevant endorsing body.

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