If your immigration application to enter or remain in the UK is refused or rejected then you may have a right of appeal against this decision to the Immigration and Asylum Chamber.

Once your immigration application is refused, you will usually have 5 days to lodge an appeal (although this may be up to 28 days in some cases); therefore it is vitally important to seek immigration advice and representation as soon as possible. We are highly experienced in dealing with a wide range of immigration appeals and we would recommend you seek representation immediately.

The Immigration and Asylum Chamber is a court system dedicated to immigration and asylum appeals and refusals where your case can be heard by an immigration judge.

This is your opportunity to get the Home Office or Entry Clearance Officer’s negative decision changed as well as your opportunity to put your point of view forward. It is advisable to seek legal representation to make sure that your voice is heard and documents presented to enable a judge to allow your immigration appeal.

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