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Boundary disputes are becoming more and more common between owners of adjoining property.
It is important that landowners understand the concepts involved and the evidence that is admissible and relevant when determining such disputes.

Boundary disputes can be notoriously expensive and the key is approaching the problem correctly and getting the right evidence in place from the outset.

Our team regularly deals with boundary disputes of varying sizes. If appropriate, we will seek to settle your boundary dispute at an early stage, aiming to maintain your relations with neighbouring landowners to the greatest extent possible in the circumstances.

There are two student categories under Tier 4 of the points-based system. Both categories must meet the full requirements of the Immigration Rules and must have a total of 40 points. 30 points are awarded for valid Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from a fully licensed Tier 4 sponsor and 10 points are awarded for maintenance or funds (having enough money to cover course fees and monthly living costs).

Before making an application, it is important that you determine if an education institution is a fully licensed Tier 4 sponsor from the register of sponsors. A list of these sponsors can be found on the Home Office website which provides you the name, location and rating of the institutions.

Professionals are bound by the ethical codes of their professions. There are many types of misconduct that individuals may be charged with, but these claims against professionals often arise from the way they perform or fail to perform the services they offer.

Eden solicitors are dedicated to helping you seek justice when you have been ill-served by a professional.

Eden solicitors exist to help right the wrong when professional malpractice leaves you with losses, a business or land dispute threatens your financial interests, or the negligence or wrongdoing of a corporation, government entity or individual causes you harm.

Professional negligence is a claim for compensation when a client has engaged a professional to do or perform a certain task, but where the professional then fails to act to the required standard and as a consequence, the client sustains a loss or damage. Most commonly claims will be brought against a solicitor, accountant, valuer, architect or surveyor.

Negligence is much more than poor service or where the client has not got his or her money’s worth out of the professional. Bad advice does not necessarily equate to negligent advice (although there could be situations where they are the same) and this needs to be approached with some caution. In general terms there needs to be a contrast drawn between poor service issues and negligent advice.

If you have suffered loss because of poor service which is not considered to be negligent advice, then this may not be the end of the matter because most professionals operate under the supervision of a regulatory body, and it may be that you can claim compensation through other channels.

We will keep an open mind about the most effective source of recovery of compensation for you, and direct you through the relevant processes.

Disputes involving property and land often cause distress and frustration. Whether it involves a neighbour, co-owners or a local authority, you may require legal assistance to reach an acceptable solution.

Land Law can be complex, which is why seeking legal experts will provide you with peace of mind that the issues are carefully considered with an effective application of law. Property and land disputes can include damage to your land, boundary disputes, trespassing, ownership issues, rights of way and access to land.

With Eden Solicitors, you have access to a team of leading litigators and property law experts who can guide you through the legal process in helping to achieve the best possible outcome.

From the weekly shop, to the purchase of more expensive items such as cars or holidays, we are all consumers.

If however you are dissatisfied with your purchase, or with services that have been provided, to you, you should take advice as to your rights, and available remedies.

At Eden Solicitors we have an experienced team of solicitors that can advise you of your consumer rights and also assist you in resolving any dispute either through negotiation, mediation or as a last resort through court proceedings.

Our bankruptcy solicitors are supported by our teams of corporate, commercial and property solicitors who understand the bankruptcy implications of their specialisations and together provide a comprehensive service in respect of all issues arising in bankruptcy.

Our solicitors act in personal and corporate insolvency law and corporate insolvency matters on behalf of individuals and insolvency practitioners throughout Bucks and beyond.

In everyday life it is inevitable that disputes will sometimes occur. When conflicts do arise, they need specialist help to resolve them. Eden Solicitors will go that extra mile to understand your concerns and to protect and advance your interests.

As a leading law firm we take a no-nonsense, pro-active approach whilst retaining the personal touch. We take care to understand your individual needs and our emphasis is on client care and seeing things through with you to a successful outcome.

Our litigation team has the experience to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome.

The specialist partnership law team at Eden Solicitors provides advice on all aspects of partnership and Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) from formation to dissolution. Our expert solicitors help form partnerships, convert partnerships to LLPs, bring in new partners, remove existing partners by retirement or expulsion and dissolve partnerships. We deal with partnership disputes.

Well drafted agreements can save time and costs should disputes arise.

Our commercial team regularly advise in relation to the negotiation and drafting of partnership and LLP agreements.

Throughout the course of running your business it is necessary to enter into various commercial contracts.

Although many contracts may be viewed as standard and will be entered into regularly, there may be a number of contracts that you need advice to complete.

Eden Solicitors are able to advise and guide you in the right direction when drafting and reviewing business contracts and commercial agreements or existing contracts.

Whatever the contract being entered into, it is important that you fully understand any terms that you are bound by and subject to throughout the period of the contract.

It is also important that your business has specific terms and conditions in order that the terms are clear and known between you and your customer/client during the ordinary course of your business.

If there are any disputes the terms and conditions/contract are the first points of consideration in order to seek to resolve the dispute.

Commercial disputes are a fact of business life with 75% of businesses getting into some kind of dispute every 2 years. Resolving such disputes quickly and effectively is of paramount importance for the success of any business.

Our Commercial Litigation Team combines robust, vigorous representation with the commercial acumen to achieve practical and cost-effective results for our clients.

Our advice is fast and pragmatic and our Commercial Litigation Team’s focus is the result, not just the process. From the initial letter of advice containing the risk/benefit analysis, through all steps in the dispute resolution process, we seek to ensure that our clients’ commercial objectives are not lost sight of.

Our commercial litigation team offers a full dispute resolution service from the County Court right up to High Court and Appeal Courts and specialist expertise in Professional Negligence and Property Litigation.

In addition to our ability to represent our clients in the County Court through to the Supreme Court, our team is able to represent clients in all dispute resolution forums outside of court proceedings and features a fully accredited ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Mediator, meaning we can also offer mediation services where appropriate.

Immigration for Businesses

As an applicant under Tier 5 you will need an offer of employment from a licensed employer in the UK, which holds a Sponsor Licence.

However, this category is restricted to Temporary Workers who can demonstrate they hold the appropriate points.

We can advise you on the requirements for Tier 5 and assist you with application preparation.
Eden Solicitors are here to give you friendly, complete and realistic advice on how to make an application and what evidence you will need.

If your sponsor needs assistance with the licence process or has queries about your employment, they can also contact us.

Our team of managed migration solicitors have experience in assisting organisations, as well as individual applicants, and will be happy to provide a professional service in assisting businesses and applicants in making Tier 2 applications and all related services.

Tier 2 (General) allows skilled workers who are non – EU nationals and have a job offer in the UK to work and live in the UK under the immigration points-based system. In order to be eligible to apply under the Tier 2 rules, the applicant must have a job offer and a certificate of sponsorship from a Home Office licensed UK based organisation who will act as their sponsor.

We understand that your business may require certain visitors to attend the UK for a number of specified activities. We can guide your business through the process of applying for a business visit visa for the relevant overseas individual to enable them to come to the UK for a range of specified activities and to ensure that they are complying with the terms of their visas.

In addition, our team of immigration experts can advise and assist in your applications for overseas media representatives, film crews, visiting professors and academic visitors.

We understand that your business may require certain visitors to attend the UK for a number of specified activities. We can guide your business through the process of applying for a business visit visa for the relevant overseas individual to enable them to come to the UK for a range of specified activities and to ensure that they are complying with the terms of their visas.

In addition, our team of immigration experts can advise and assist in your applications for overseas media representatives, film crews, visiting professors and academic visitors.

Likely Costs

The Likely Costs for Immigration Applications/Appeals

Hourly Rate: Ranging between £165.00 – £250.00

The immigration applications and appeals involve on average 5 to 15 hours of work depending on the complexity of the matter. This means on average costs are between £1250.00 (lower end for straightforward applications) and £3,750.00 (top end for most complex applications and appeals. The afore-said figures are exclusive of VAT which will be on top of our fees, and the current rate of VAT is 20% as set out by the Government. If it changes, we will notify you in writing.

The amount of actual time that is going to be spent on your matter and our legal fee to be charged will depend on the circumstances in your case.

Contained below is a summary of the circumstances which will define the time to be spent and the legal fee to be charged in your matter:

Whether you have a straight-forward case or you have a history of refused applications/ appeals;
What amount of supporting evidence is to be reviewed and to be adduced in support of your application/ appeal;
Whether you are able to give evidence in English or you will need the assistance of an interpreter in terms of giving instructions to us;
How many witnesses will be giving evidence in support of your case.
If you meet the entire requirements of the rules and you have all the required supporting evidence in order, the cost is likely to be at the lower end of the range as mentioned.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]The likely Disbursements to be incurred in your case

Disbursements are fees/costs which are paid to third parties on your behalf, such as visa fees to the Home Office, appeal fees to the courts/tribunals and/or expert fees if one is to be engaged in your case.

We handle on your behalf all payments to third parties to ensure unnecessary interruptions are not caused.

The most common disbursements arising in immigration matters are outlined below for illustration purposes:

If required, interpreters’ fees are charged on average between £100 – £150 per hour plus VAT (if the interpreter engaged in your matter is VAT registered).
Barristers/Counsels’ fees are typical disbursements that are incurred quite commonly in most immigration appeals. Counsels are specialist advocates who regularly appear in Higher Courts and Immigration Appeal Tribunals. If a barrister is required to be engaged, the usual charges of immigration barristers are between £250.00 to £350.00 per hour, depending on the experience and seniority of the barrister.
If the case requires the engagement of Independent Experts, such as Country Experts, Medical Experts, then their fees are to be paid separately from our fees and a fee estimate is obtained and communicated directly to all clients before the experts are engaged or their fees become payable/paid.
There may be some additional disbursements becoming necessary in a particular matter, which are not specified here, but when becoming necessary, will always be discussed, and agreed upon before any liabilities are incurred.

Our Charges

We provide half an hour of an initial free consultation which does not include checking upon your documents. It is just a free advice session to discuss your immigration needs and to provide you with a brief summary of the process involved in your proposed immigration matter.

Beyond the initial free consultation of half an hour, our charges for the initial consultation are in the range of £250.00 + VAT to £400 + VAT, depending on the complexity of your matter. The rate of VAT is currently 20%.

Likely Timescales

Entry Clearance applications

The general turnaround time for applications involving family life is around 10 to 12 weeks. Urgent consideration of applications is available at some British overseas posts with payment of extra fee and to have the application considered within 4 weeks.

The visit visa applications including family visit visas and business visits are normally considered within 3 to 4 weeks.

In-Country Applications

Leave to remain applications are normally concluded within 8 to 12 weeks bracket. Different levels of services are now available at commercial partners of the home office including having the application considered same-day or generally ahead of the queue of pending applications.

Initial Consultation

Initial consultations can cover up to an hour to an hour and a half within the mentioned price range. If the initial consultation is likely to go beyond 90 minutes, then the cost can be more, which will be advised to you in writing.

The exact cost of our initial consultation would depend on various circumstances including but not limited to:

The number of case documents that we may need to review within our initial meeting with you.
How many family members are applying with you and what is their current location and status if they are already in the UK.
Your and your family members’ immigration history in the UK.
A brief overview and discussion of your circumstances and thereby to decide the most appropriate application for you and your dependents.
The criteria and the requirements that you need to fulfil for the most appropriate application and whether you fulfil that criterion.
If you are not able to fulfil the criterion we will advise what alternative options you may have, such as you may have exceptional circumstances to argue in your application/appeal.


Indication of work to be involved in your immigration application/appeal

The following work is likely to be incurred in your immigration application/appeal matter:

Discussion of your and your dependents’ circumstances at the initial meeting;
Our initial advice about the relevant Immigration Rules and your ability to meet the rules in their entirety;
If you do not fulfil some or all applicable requirements of the rules, what alternative options or arguments are available in your case.
What factors are involved in your case to support the alternative/special arguments to justify your case to be an exception to the general rule.
An overview of the supporting evidence that is available to you to support your case.
Discussion on what other supporting evidence will be required to support/strengthen your case.
Counting on the number of witnesses available to give evidence and thereby to draft their witness statements.
Whether an expert evidence/opinion is required to support your case.
Drafting your application, statements of case and thereby submitting the application to the Home Office.
Upon receipt of the outcome, to discuss if any further steps are necessary such as appeal work in case of a refused application.

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