Professional negligence is a claim for compensation when a client has engaged a professional to do or perform a certain task, but where the professional then fails to act to the required standard and as a consequence, the client sustains a loss or damage. Most commonly claims will be brought against a solicitor, accountant, valuer, architect or surveyor.

Negligence is much more than poor service or where the client has not got his or her money's worth out of the professional. Bad advice does not necessarily equate to negligent advice (although there could be situations where they are the same) and this needs to be approached with some caution. In general terms there needs to be a contrast drawn between poor service issues and negligent advice.

If you have suffered loss because of poor service which is not considered to be negligent advice, then this may not be the end of the matter because most professionals operate under the supervision of a regulatory body, and it may be that you can claim compensation through other channels.

We will keep an open mind about the most effective source of recovery of compensation for you, and direct you through the relevant processes.


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