Faulty Products Claims

Faulty products can cause accidents that lead to injuries. You were climbing a stepladder, for example, and the rung you were standing on snapped. Or your toaster caught fire and burned your hand. What recourse do you have when a faulty product you have bought injures you?

The situation can be complex, many of the items we purchase, such as domestic appliances, are made abroad.  It could create a serious problem if we you wanted to claim for injury from, say, a manufacturer in China.  There are laws that can help, however.

The Consumer Protection Act 1987 gives you a possible action against: 
(a) The producer of a defective product; or 
(b) Any person who, by putting his name or trademark on the product has held himself out to be the producer; or 
(c) Any person who has imported the product into a European member state from outside the member states in the course of business.”

This is a particularly helpful piece of legislation, as it means you can pursue the importer of a product that was made abroad and you don't have to sue the foreign manufacturer.


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