Crown Court

Eden Solicitors professionally represent you at any Crown Court appearance. We have a reputation for our total commitment to all of our clients’ cases and close work with barristers, heads our Crown Court department.

If you have been accused of committing a serious crime and are due to appear before the Crown Court, you should take specialist advice and representation. Our criminal defence team can give you just that. We have dealt with all types of offences ranging from murder and serious assaults to sexual offences, theft and fraud.

Our Crown Court solicitors will advise you on the details and consequences of the offence with which you have been charged, as well as any available defences. Our criminal defence lawyers will explain the court procedure and we will take time to provide you with detailed instructions on how to present yourself during the trial. We understand how unpleasant and nerve wracking appearing in the Crown Court can be.


Areas we cover:

Interviews Under Caution | Magistrates Court | Police Stations | Road Traffic | White Collar Crime/Fraud

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