Our Fixed Fees

Fixed Fees (inc VAT)- Immigration

Free 20-minute consultation thereafter capped at £120.00

Entry Clearance  £800.00
Further Leave to Remain/ Settlement/ EEA £960.00
Nationality and Citizenship £840.00
Appeal before the First-Tier Tribunal £1,600.00
Permission to Appeal to the First-Tier Tribunal £600.00
Permission to Appeal to the Upper Tribunal £480.00
Administrative Review £720.00
Immigration Bail  £1,200.00
Further claim/ Fresh Claim £960.00
Attendance on Court/ Others
Case Management Review Hearing  £450.00
Home Office interview  £500.00
Bail interview/ Meeting with client £600.00
Other Services
Document Checking £360.00


In Country/ Leave to Remain
Applications before the Home Office normally take between 4-6 months, unless there are any complex issues involved in which case it may take longer.

Entry Clearance
The general turnaround time is 12 weeks however the consideration times vary from country to country. In our experience most applications are expedited within the normal timescales.

In Country Appeals- The general timescale is between 2-4 months to get the appeal listed for a hearing.

Out of Country Appeals- The appeals against entry clearance are subject to a review by the relevant British post. If the appeal is successfully reviewed, then the outcome is communicated within 3-4 months from the submission of the appeal. If, however, the matter is to proceed to an oral hearing, the current timescales are 10-12 months.

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